Does God Exist?
Simple explanations of common arguments for the existence of God and the deity of Jesus.

Proof of the Existence of God
A summary of four philosophical proofs of God’s existence.

The Ontological Argument
The claim that God doesn’t exist makes no more sense than the claim that four-sided triangles do. Objections to the Ontological Argument.

The First Cause Argument
From nothing, comes nothing. The universe simply cannot have popped into existence uncaused. Objections to the First Cause Argument.

The Argument from Design
The universe is exactly as it needs to be for human beings to flourish. Christianity can explain this; atheism cannot. Objections to the Argument from Design.

The Moral Argument
Morality consists of a set of authoritative commands. Only God could issue such commands. Objections to the Moral Argument.

Arguments Against the Existence of God
Attempts to prove that atheism is true.

Is Faith Just Wishful Thinking?
Is religious belief just an emotional crutch for those unable to cope with the reality of life without God?

The Problem of Evil
If God knows how to, wants to, and is able to prevent suffering, then why doesn’t he prevent it?

The Paradox of the Stone
Can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it?

Religious Pluralism and Tolerance
Must we abandon the absolute truth-claims of Chrianity in order to be tolerant of those of other faiths?

Can Evolution Explain Our Origins?
Can Darwin’s theory of evolution remove the mystery from the question of human origins?

Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?
Jesus was either much less than, or much more than, a great human being.

Evidence for the Resurrection
The historical evidence surrounding the resurrection defies explanation in naturalistic terms.

Antony Flew Abandons Atheism
Atheist figurehead Antony Flew has changed his mind on the question of God’s existence, citing the argument to design as the reason.

Ravi Zacharias Addresses Latter Day Saints
Evangelicals and Mormons come together for a landmark event in Salt Lake City.

Christians Protest as BBC Screens Springer Musical
Blasphemous shows goes to air despite strong opposition from Christian groups.

The Meaning of Life
If there is no Creator of life then there can be no meaning of life.

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Christians Protest as BBC Screens Springer Musical
Jerry Springer: The Opera Prompts Record Number of Complaints

On January 8th, the BBC aired the controversial musical Jerry Springer: The Opera in defiance of a storm of protest from Christians around the country. In the run-up to the screening, the BBC received 47,000 complaints, shattering the previous total record of 1,554 complaints held by Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. The Corporation decided to press ahead anyway, arguing that its remit was to “broadcast a range of programmes that will appeal to all audiences present in the UK today.”


1.7m viewers tuned in. The show is now set to open on Broadway in October 2005.

Why So Shocking?

Jerry Springer: The Opera is a musical based on the popular chat show.

Act 1 presents a parody of the talk show set to music—the usual fare of sex and betrayal—ending with Jerry being shot by one of his crazed guests.

In Act 2, Jerry finds himself in Hell, moderating a debate between Jesus and Satan. God, Mary, Adam, and Eve all put in appearances, and the characters of Act 2 are portrayed as no less imbalanced than the guests of Act 1.

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The organisation MediaWatch alleged that the show included 8,000 instances of swearing, though other estimates put the number nearer to the 400 mark. More significant, though, are the parts of the show judged by many to be blasphemous, which include a nappy-wearing Jesus admitting to being “a bit gay”, and sustained mockery of Jesus’ stigmata and crucifixion.

BBC Director of Television Expresses Surprise at Complaints

The BBC’s director of television Jana Bennett expressed surprise at the scale of the protests against the screening of the show, but insisted that the final decision whether to go to air was made on grounds of quality. “I don’t think you can rule out any subject matter,” she said. “You have to take every piece on its merit.”

Jerry Springer: The Opera won numerous awards as a stage production, including Best Musical in the Olivier, Critics’ Circle, What’s On Stage, and Evening Standard Theatre Awards.


“Do we have an obligation to bring to viewers the best of creative works even if they are controversial?” asked Bennett, rhetorically.

The British media has recently been criticised for bias, reflected in the discrepancy between its great care to avoid offending Muslims and its readiness to mock Christianity.

Blasphemy Law

Blasphemy remains illegal in Britain, but the law against it has long been seen as obsolete. In 1922, John William Gott was imprisonned for comparing Jesus to a clown, but that was the last prosecution of its kind.

The law offers protection only to Christianity and the Church of England, a fact that has lead to calls for it to be updated to reflect the multi-culturalism of modern Britain.

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Senior BBC Producer Quits in Protest

BBC Radio 3 producer Antony Pitts quit in the aftermath of the broadcast, despite director general Mark Thompson’s attempts to persuade him to stay. Pitts, a Catholic, had worked for the corporation for over a decade, but left having seen the programme, saying, “The blasphemy was far, far worse than even the most detailed news reports had lead me to believe.”

Other Christians, however, while not approving of the broadcast, have maintained that the right to freedom of expression should be upheld.

On January 23rd, members of the cast will be welcomed into Chelmsford Cathedral to participate in a concert to raise money for victims of the Boxing Day tragedy.